DIY Compost Bin

There are a lot of different compost bins available for purchase either at your local nursery, hardware store, or on the internet. These bins can cost you anywhere from $30 to almost $200! I think that composting is easy and it should be easy to start doing it. For anyone interested in composting, who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a fancy bin, here’s a DIY compost bin for less than $10.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Large opaque plastic container with lid, not clear,
  • Drill
  • Large drill bit, I used 1/2″ but you can use what you have available to you

Drill 9-12 holes in lid and bottom of container for aeration

Put the bin in a shady area in your yard or patio. Be sure that your bin won’t get too much sun or the compost will dry out very quickly. It would be best if it were sheltered from rain to keep your compost from getting too wet.

Place a layer of “browns” (leaves, shredded cardboard or newspaper) and then cover with a layer of dirt. Now you’re ready to add food scraps and other things.

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