Hi, I’m Sarah

I think you should create your own happiness in life.

I live in South Florida with my husband and our cat & dog. I’m a certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor and Reiki Therapist. I’m a crazy plant lady who drinks red wine and listens to hard rock. 

I’ve been practicing yoga for 14+ years. Yoga was first recommended to me to alleviate discomfort from my scoliosis (curvature of the spine). I fell in love with not only the physical practice, but also the philosophy and spiritual aspects. My goal is to help people bring health, happiness and peace into the lives of others through yoga and meditation.

I plan my life around being happy and making time for the things that I enjoy. I want to share my life in the hope that the things that make me happy will make you happy too.
What are you interested in?

A variety of classes to help you build strength, improve flexibility, and promote peacefulness & relaxation.

Receive personal, individualized attention. Private yoga classes are catered to each student’s unique physical needs and goals with guidance and support.

Reiki therapy is a Japanese healing modality involving the electromagnetic fields generated by all living things.